Important Dates for MTG Arena

Important MTG Arena Dates

During a recent Q&A session several important dates were shared that any MTG Arena fan should be aware of.  Mark you calendars and bookmark the Magic twitch page to stay up to date with the latest news on MTG Arena!

October 8th 2017

The Magic: The Gathering world championship takes place on this date, and during live coverage there promises to be more information shared about the progress being made on MTG Arena development.

October 12th 2017

Another developer Q&A session is scheduled for this date.  The focus on this Q&A session will be Aesethics and Visual Design.  There have been plenty of questions specifically about the look and feel of MTG Arena that should get lots of attention during this event.  Look to see lots of discussions around being able to disable card animations and the history of iterations that led to the current implementation of card tapping.

October 18th 2017

On this date the streamer challenge using community decks will occur.  Wizards has been running a contest where members of the Magic community submitted decklists that they would like to see compete against each other during a live stream of MTG Arena.  This promises to be a good showcase of the current state of the game and verification that Wizards has implemented a rules engine that handles more than the cards that were featured during the initial gameplay demo.

October 25th 2017

This final date is scheduled for discussions regarding the beginning of the closed beta period.  The closed beta of MTG Arena is scheduled to start “sometime in November” so I expect this event to share the final exact date of the start of the closed beta period.

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