State of MTG Arena – Spring 2018

MTG Arena Nissa

On March 22nd a huge patch was released for MTG Arena.  Let’s take a look at the current state of the game and dive into some of the latest changes that are happening right now!

New Sets and Decks

Both sets from the Amonkhet block were added as part of the March 22nd patch.  This means that the sets currently available in MTG Arena include:

  • Amohnket
  • Hour of Devastation
  • Ixalan
  • Rivals of Ixalan

Noticeably absent from this list are the sets from the Kaladesh block — Kaladesh and Aether Revolt.  We have already seen cards from these blocks implemented in earlier builds of the game, so it is a safe bet that these sets will be completed and added in a patch very soon.

Another addition to the game during this patch are a set of 10 starter decks to allow players to jump directly into the game instead of having to build a custom deck from scratch.  These decks are definitely “starter” decks however.  Each one only contains a handful of rares or mythics and mostly as one-ofs which makes them incredibly inconsistent for constructed play.  It will be very important to start tweaking each of these starter decks to complete playsets of powerful cards and cut filler cards as you start building your collection.

MTG Arena Starter Decks
MTG Arena Starter Decks

NDA No More

The restrictions of the original beta test NDA were also lifted as part of this patch.  This was certainly a welcome change from all of the Magic content creators out there that were dying to be able to stream this new version of the game to their audiences.  There are already more streamers streaming MTG Arena than MTGO on Twitch.  So head on over to to the Magic: The Gathering Twitch page and discover your favorite MTG Arena streamer!

MTG Arena on Twitch
MTG Arena on Twitch

You can now also access the official MTG Arena forums, which are located at, to see what feedback players participating in the beta are providing to Wizards.  You do still need to already have a beta account to be able to post in the forums.

Economy Woes

One part of MTG Arena could still use a lot of work I believe, and that is the economy.  Here are the current ways to expand your collection of cards in the game:

  • Complete quests by completing randomized objectives that can be accomplished playing the game.  Awards between 225 and 500 gold per quest
  • Daily win bonus.
    • 1st win: 200 gold plus a random card (common or better)
    • 2nd win: 50 gold plus a random card (uncommon or better)
    • 3rd win: 50 gold plus a random card (uncommon or better)
    • 4th win: 50 gold plus a random card (rare or better)
    • 5th – 30th wins: Random card (common or better)
  • Weekly win bonus of a booster of the most recent set after your 5th, 10th and 15th win each weak.
  • Opening packs and any cards beyond the 4th fill up your progress bar for being able to open The Vault which contains
    • One rare Wildcard
    • Two uncommon Wildcards
    • One random mythic rare card
    • One random rare card
    • One random uncommon card

So in the best case you can earn a little less than 2000 gold per day and about 5 random cards.  This will net you 13 new cards per day.  Being able to obtain a playset of each card that you will need to build several constructed viable decks will take an eternity with this setup.

MTG Arena Store
MTG Arena Store

One interesting thing to note is that a new “Redeem Code” function has been added to the store which will hopefully be used in some way to be able to convert codes that are distributed through physical packs to be turned into MTG Arena cards in some way.

What’s Next?

Overall, this was a great patch.  A lot of polish has been added to the game and it is really starting to feel like a product that could be released to the public after a few more iterations.  I do hope that there are some major revisions to the economy that will be included in these remaining iterations before release because as it stands now, building just one fairly consistent deck takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.  I can’t wait to see what the next few patches have in store!

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