Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MTG Arena?

MTG Arena is the latest digital version of Magic: The Gathering.  Arena is positioning itself to be a direct competitor to Hearthstone.  This means that quick and fun to watch gameplay are a top priority for this product.  MTG Arena promises to implement a full rules engine and deckbuilding rules that mirror physical MTG.


Q: What platforms will MTG Arena be available on?

A: Initially, Arena will only be available on PC.  However, MTG arena is being implemented in the Unity game engine, so expect ports to other platforms shortly after the PC release.


Q: Will MTG Arena be replacing Magic: The Gathering Online?

A: No.  The goal of MTG Arena is be a visualy engaging and content creator friendly game to compete with Hearthstone.  The goal of MTGO is to provide a digital version that replicates as closely as possible the experience of paper Magic.  MTGO will support many more formats, sets and player trading.  Because the goals of each program is very different, there is very little chance that MTG Arena will supplant MTGO.


Q: Will MTG Arena be replacing Magic Duels?

Yes.  MTG Duels will not be receiving any further updates.  The Amonkhet set will be the last content added to MTG Duels.


Q: When does the closed beta begin?

A: December 4th 2017.  Closed beta signups are available at


Q: When will I be able to start streaming MTG Arena?

A: Early 2018


Q: Is there any way to increase my chances of joining the closed beta?

A: Yes!  Check out our Closed Beta Priority Access Guide!


Q:How will cards be obtained for building decks?

A: There has been no information released yet on this subject.  The only thing that is known is that the game will be free to play, so players will be able to obtain cards through some means without paying for them.  However, there could also be a cash shop that allows players to purchase the cards.


Q: What game formats does MTG Arena support?

A: The only cofirmed play format supported is Standard.  There will be some form of draft format supported as well.  It has been heavily hinted that this will be a booster draft format.


Q: What will happen to my cards once they rotate from standard?

A: You will be able to play with these cards in some format other than standard.  There is no informatiom about what this non-standard format is.


Q: Will I be able to turn off animations?

A: There are no plans to allow animations to be disabled at the moment.


Q: Will there be offline play or play vs AI opponents?

A: No single player campaign is planned right now


Q: Will the game have trading?

A: No. There will be no trading in MTG Arena.  Arena will be a CCG which stands for “collectible card game.”


Q: Will sideboards be supported in MTG Arena?

A: Yes! You will be able to construct and use a 15 card sideboard just like in regular paper magic.